vegas, here we come

sunnies,vintage Metallica tee- Squaresville. flares- vintage. bag- Marc By Marc Jacobs. fox tail- Slow. earrings- Ross. necklaces- vintage, Kukulys. platforms- Jeffrey Campbell(they are too comfy not to wear with everything) rings- vintage, Target. bracelets- vintage, F21.

photos by S. Stefanski

 the Husband and i, off to vegas to meet with the tax guy and chill before our may gets mental.  we left our house at 7:30 am. i threw on my version of a VS PINK sweatsuit. we got off at a random exit, looking for coffee/tea and found this dirty haven.  i'm pretending that's not a deflated prophylactic lying betwixt the jeffrey campbells...  quite the romantic lair for the lot lizards. i went off on the hand sanitizer when we got back into the car.


  1. This being your version of a vs sweatsuit reminds me why I love your style so much. Amazing post, beautiful pictures.

  2. i love your printed pants and graphic t-shirt! i wouldn't have thought t pair them together, but it looks amazing! maybe i will try it soon :)


  3. hey my dear!

    u look awesome here!

    love everythin the tee the wedges the pants!

    ur style is cool!

    love ur hair..remind me of my mum:)

    i followed u!

    thanx for visitin-keep in touch!


  4. AMAZING! I'm in love with your pants!


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