dumb donald

hat- UO.   faux fur- Kimchi Blue UO.  sweater- Gorgeous.  triangle lace bra- UO.  jean shorts- vintage Levis from Raggedy Threads.  tights- Target. boots- Juicy.  backpack, necklaces, earrings, bracelet, belt and sunglasses - vintage. rings- Target.

photos by S. Stefanski


avenging the bater

headband- UO. rosary- vintage.  beaded bag- vintage.  crochet top- Bette Paige. vegan leather zip dress- Zara.  eggplant tights- UO. boots- Jeffrey Campbell. 

 photos by Nathan Holtberg

Maison Martin Margiela
spring 2011

the car belongs to Nate. he suggested that we shoot near it. i was a little reluctant-but Nate is a difficult one to argue with. sweet like mangosteen, he is.  
i'm laughing at myself right now. quite hard, actually. 
between the porsche, my sketchy expressions and the 90's tribute to the 6o's outfit...The Avengers comes to mind.

diana rigg in The Avengers
source: all posters

 idiotic,  i know. but when you start a blog about fashion with pictures of yourself and what you wear daily, you are required  to make fun every so often.  

charles ray: oh charley  charley charley
source: xsilence.net

 while lurking, i ended up on index mag. i found an interesting interview.  dennis cooper(i adore him) interviewing charles ray. read it here

speaking of 90's...i had an electric blue pair of boots like the JC's, back  in 1998. i wore them with navy Levis bell cords, my mother's motorcycle chain belt, a harley davidson muscle t shirt a white mongolian fur coat and an afro.  my fashion sensibility  has really progressed.  


rosette on the green

feather hairpiece- LF.  necklace- vintage.  gia sunglasses- Spanish Moss.  dress- deadstock vintage from Wertz Brothers Antiques in santa monica.  shawl - thrifted. boots- Jeffrey Campbell.

photos by Nathan Holtberg


feather halo

headdress- Painted Bird sf.  shirt-Evil Genius.   zipper trousers- Neil Barrett.  boots- vintage from Slow.

photos by Nathan Holtberg


blue teardrop

gia sunglasses- Spanish Moss. earrings- Pannikin Coffee and Tea in san diego.
necklaces- vintage. crystal necklace- LF.  bracelet- F21. bag- Zara. foxtail- Slow.  boots Seychelles.  jacket- LF.  t-shirt- vintage. velour zip shorts- Zara. tights- Target

photos by S. Stefanski


sunshine stay

feather earring- F21. heart charm- Booth at Flower Mart in downtown LA. belt- Liz Claiborne. purse- Vintage. suede patchwork/fringe shawl- Vintage. lace bodysuit- Topshop. skirt- Catherine Salvet pour Philippe Salvet. boots- Jeffrey Campbell lita.

photos by Nathan Holtberg

i finished up a prop job yesterday. my brother, joey helped. we had to return props to various stores and prop houses throughout the city.  we made the best of the late afternoon rain by doing a little personal shopping. i bought my husband a pair of corduroy Toms from urban outfitters at the americana in glendale. i adore him in rolled up chinos, a v neck and Toms. i love dressing him. and aren't i lucky that he insists on my two cents!? 

i went to free people and i found a dress...if shakespeare had a nocturnal emission...this would be the result.
at first i thought, is it too matronly? i tried it on and totally tripped out on how rare vintage it looks.   i will probably wear a burgundy velvet bustier underneath and leave 3 buttons undone to sex it up. and of course those jc litas will play a part.
i peaked into Barneys to check out the Wang shoe goodness and almost bought these
i really like them, but i may love the Michael Kors ode to Birkenstock sandals even more...
or maybe Natasha Poly, making kissy face at me while wearing the beloved sandal sock combo is weighing heavy on my decision?

either way, fashion was put on hold when i got home last night to biblical flooding.
our workshop was a swimming pool. hours were spent on the roof(scary) sweeping water off and patching cracks with tar. (ew. and thank you brother, joey for handling that nastiness)
i was supposed to go out to Akbar to meet up with friends, but ended up visiting the neighborhood taco truck then kickin' it by our fireplace until sleep swallowed me whole.



vehement quarrel

leather headband- UO. leather feather necklace- Painted Bird . bangles- white- vintage. speckled- Marc by Marc Jacobs. wood- F21. ribbed- MBMJ. red- vintage. beaded- gift from Dani from Africa. tank- UO. leather skirt- vintage. suede fringe booties- Jeffrey Campbell for Ibiza.

photos by S. Stefanski and A. Oliver

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