necklace, belt- vintage.  watch- antique. tank- UO.  shorts- Topshop.  blouse- Evil Twin.  purse- shoes- Dolcetta by Dolce Vita



headband- made by mom.  horse necklace- vintage.  silver bangles- thrifted.  spiked cuff- F21.  spiked cluster rings- Marc By Marc Jacobs.  sunnies- Spanish Moss.  dress- TopShop.  lace bandeau and tap shorts- Free People. foxy fab shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Free People.


i always tell the truth. even when i lie

dress and clogs- thrifted.  earrings- Ross.  heart necklace- In God We Trust nyc.

photos by me


gone fishing

on me: hat,necklace,flannel- vintage. striped tank- UO.  cords with suspenders- Zara.  boots- Frye.  sunnies- Smashbox. one piece- Liz Claiborne from my aunt christine. 
on sam: hat- Pendleton.  shirt- thrifted. wolf tee- UO.  trousers- Dockers.

photos by S Stefanski and me

sam and i took an overnight camping and fishing trip with the doggies.  we stayed at lake casitas. sam fished off the pier while i read norwegian wood and soaked up the last rays of sun. later we made a fire, cooked dinner and roasted marshmallows. the next day we rented a boat and fished. we didn't catch anything, but had a peaceful time just drifting on the lake.  i love these little getaways with my love.  


snap snap snap

jacket- AllSaints. sheer vest- 90's Ecote.  dress- thrifted.  open toe boots- F21.  necklaces- vintage and Unearthen.  bag- A. Wang.

photos by S Stefanski  

hi guys, it's my birthday. sam and my best friend, camille planned a surprise dinner for me last night.  super sweet of them.  i am so lucky to have such beautiful souls in my world. i worked earlier today on a fun set design project for a dancewear line. when i arrived home, there was only one thing i wanted to do... 
dig in the dirt.
 i gardened and watched the chubby little finches bathe in the freshly watered rosemary plants.  right now my sam is waiting for me to join him for dinner and a new episode of True Blood.  guilty pleasure...


at the fair

feather warrior princess headband- UO.  sunnies- Timeless.  switchblade necklace- antique DIY. wild horses blouse- American Gold.  shorts(trust i'm wearing them)- Top Shop.  thigh highs lost elasticity during the car ride to the fair so i scrunched them down, creating a "tank girl" look.
boots- JC Nation H.  bag- Alexander Wang.

photos by S Stefanski

three good buys
i bought this very blogged about blouse back in march or april.  i   only started wearing it this summer. it's really become more of a dress for me.  i had difficulty wearing it when it was cold out because i don't wear a bra with it...  i think i will order it in black. i see myself wearing it with sweater leggings and an oversized cut up denim vest for the fall.
this Wang bag is softer than any leather bag i have ever owned. i took it to Pasquale(the best) to get scotch guarded the day it arrived. it took a few days to finally get over the fear of carrying it. i go through this with every lovely bag i buy...
 it is so perfect. i love the many pockets, perfect for lugging my new camera and various lenses.
the boots were bought a while ago.  i snatched them up in the nick of time. very coveted and understandably so. these bitches are comfortable and they go with everything. 


dedicated to how i'm fucking you

earrings- Kukuly's.  necklaces, neck piece, tee shirt, purse- vintage.  shorts- Free People.  creepers- A Wang.

photos by S. Stefanski



headband worn as scrunchie- F21.  sunnies- Timeless on melrose.  denim shirt- Ellison. dress- vintage.  creepers- Alexander Wang.  leather zip clutch- Zara.  necklace- Target.  bangles- Marc By Marc Jacobs, vintage & F21.  rings- vintage.

photos by S Stefanski


excuse me while i leave my body

necklace- vintage and In God We Trust.  bra- Natori.  dress- vintage.  boots- Miss 60.

photos by S Stefanski

forgive the poor photo quality. 
we were sleepy and delirious. 
i had a weird day. 
slammed my hand in the door.  
pain ensued. 
heart rate quickened. 
nausea crept. 
and then i fainted.  



sources: rusted chair- me. notebook drawing sign of the seahorse. tumblr.  francesca woodman. wayan sudarsana yansen.  neil krug. ?


wolves and lace

headband- UO.  necklaces- vintage and LF.  bangles- vintage. spiked- F21.  rings- vintage, Marc By Marc Jacobs, venice vendor, boutique on melrose.  wolf tee shirt- Silence + Noise.  lace leggings- Nom De Plume YaYa.  shoes- F21. laces- AA.




    yes, i like shoes. but i usually wait patiently for sales.  these foxy JC platforms have been forever on my mind. i recently   ordered them from free people on sale for less than a hundy.  they don't look like the most comfortable JC shoes out there.  i'm praying they don't rape my feet. 

      goodness gracious, look how hot tits, kelly ash works them.  anxiously waiting...
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