vegas, here we come

sunnies,vintage Metallica tee- Squaresville. flares- vintage. bag- Marc By Marc Jacobs. fox tail- Slow. earrings- Ross. necklaces- vintage, Kukulys. platforms- Jeffrey Campbell(they are too comfy not to wear with everything) rings- vintage, Target. bracelets- vintage, F21.

photos by S. Stefanski

 the Husband and i, off to vegas to meet with the tax guy and chill before our may gets mental.  we left our house at 7:30 am. i threw on my version of a VS PINK sweatsuit. we got off at a random exit, looking for coffee/tea and found this dirty haven.  i'm pretending that's not a deflated prophylactic lying betwixt the jeffrey campbells...  quite the romantic lair for the lot lizards. i went off on the hand sanitizer when we got back into the car.


aw gee wawa

Spanish Moss has them now
order here

rumi neely in free people 

way back in the october of 2010 free people catalog, the gee wawa fatale caught my eye. i wanted them so badly but never ordered them, in hopes of a sale. free people still have them(limited sizes)at full price. they are like scotch, i guess. i tried to veer my attention to more season appropriate footwear...but i kept going back to solestruck and free people, adding them to my cart and then not following through. beautiful blogirls flaunted them...only making the cravings worse.
A few days ago, spanish moss started carrying them and I took that as a sign. I ordered them!!!!  It just feels right ordering from spanish moss. I used my promo code and got them for so much less than the other sites! Wesley, from customer service just emailed me, "Your boots shipped today, and you're gonna love them - they're insane!"
So excited to rock them this summer!


see through

sweater- DKNY.  tap shorts- Free People.  boots- Jeffrey Campbell.  jewelry- mostly vintage or previously posted.

photos by Nathan Holtberg


in my house

flock together


 bunny sandwich

glazed chums

                                                              gothic glass

                        tail of a dream catcher

photos by me


the sun dance

silk scarf worn in hair- bought in a market in Phuket Thailand.  necklace- Anthropologie.  earrings- vintage.  floral blouse- vintage deconstructed Betsey Johnson dress.  flares- Hudson.  suede slip ons- Fornarina.

photos by Nathan Holtberg


grump slump

earring, cross necklace- vintage.  long necklace- Target.  star necklace- Kukuly's.  belt- Urban Renewal.  striped sweater- H&M Budapest.  cut offs- vintage Levi's.  boots- vintage

                                                                             photos by William Czyzyk


been a long time

bow tie earrings- Simply Vera Vera Wang.  necklace- vintage.  jumpsuit- vintage. cardigan- thrifted.  cork and suede platforms- Jeffrey Campbell.

photos by Nathan Holtberg


white tea and trinkets

belt worn as a headband- Zara.  earrings, necklace, bangles- vintage.  long beaded necklace from mom.  wish bracelet- gifted from Rossmore go HERE  to see more of her gorgeous jewelry. tee- SWEATERS bought at one of their fun ass shows at the echo.  leather shorts with fringe- Top Shop.  tea cup- Anthropologie. tea pot- bought in little Tokyo la.

photos by Sarah Hamilton and me.

photo two looks like i'm packing. i assure you, i am not. sometimes i wish i was. i would use that thing to stir all kinds of tea.


partial day off

sunnies- Top Shop Unique.  gold tri chain necklace- vintage.  crystal necklace- LF.  yellow beaded cuff- Cost Plus World Market.  wood bangle- F21.  feather earring- UO.  belt- vintage.  cardigan- LF.  camisole- Lucca Couture.  cut offs- vintage Levis.  lace bike shorts- Sparkle.  lace up suede clogs- Jeffrey Campbell "Carrie" bought via Free People.  bag- Marc By Marc Jacobs.


bunnicula, never close your mouth

Dansk Magazine Spring Summer 2011
Shot by Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz
Styled by Anders SĂžlvsten Thomsen
Modelled by Ashley Smith

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