pink kitty

lolita sunnies- Pop Killer.  pearls- from mom.  earring- Sirens and Sailors.  blouse- Top Shop.  vintage Wrangler cut offs- Slow.  belt and rings- vintage.  heels- Madison Harding.

photos by S Stefanski

meow meow needs a new camera like meow yesterday meow- meow...
 please forgive the poor quality photos.  i had to use a crummy point and shoot. i am planning on buying a top notch camera in two weeks. i am very much looking forward to that purchase. until then, please suffer graciously through my camera phone and point and shoot posts.


drifting away

lace slip- Only Hearts.  linen tank- Alternative.  socks- Free People.  boots- Durango.  necklace- Target.  glasses- Ray-Ban.

photo by S Stefanski


bite the bullet

sunnies- Target.  denim shirt- Miley Cyrus/Max Azria for Walmart.  vintage tank- from mom.  belt- santee alley.  pants- H&M.  boots- Durango.  backpack- Top Shop.  jewlry- vintage.

photos by S. Stefanski


skull fucking

my go to pose
bitch face

loving these
this dress does this
whatever do you keep in your baby armadillo wristlet?
a fucking skull!!

vintage hat- Sonni SF bought at American Rag.  jacket- thrifted.  earring- from mom. necklaces- Kukuly's.  dress- thrifted.  bra- Damsel UO. baby armadillo wristlet- bought in venice.
thumb ring- Target.  glass bangles- vintage.  boots- Gee WaWa.  



unearthenly pleasure

i just splurged on this amazingly gorgeous UNEARTHEN necklace.  i was working in a loft space in downtown los angeles and noticed that Gia's studio was in the same building! i wanted the prism ring and a vial necklace too, but i chose this unique amethyst clusterfuck. when i put it on my breath became calm rhythmic. it is truly a special piece that i connect with and will always cherish.

photos by S. Stefanski


work clothes 2

hat, boots- vintage. pink floyd tee- Chaser for UO. tank dress- Anthropologie. leatherette leggings- Silence and Noise. sunnies- Spanish Moss.

photos by Don Diaz

after a long hot day of work at balboa park, the photographer snapped some pics for me for the blog. not the most amazing outfit but super cozy. i usually like my band tees vintage, but i couldn't resist the look and feel of this impostor. 


yes, please!

i know everyone is going flava flav huge with gemstone jewelry design...don't get me wrong, i dig...
 but Theresa Cowan has me swooning over her refined mineralogy...


ruffle ass

shorts- Top Shop

photos by S. Stefanski

while prepping a job in new york i squeezed in three visits to top shop. these shorts were my first lust there. i almost didn't buy them because i felt they might be a little juvenile for me. but then nostalgia kicked in...my aunt di had a pair of these that she wore well into her 50's.  some scoffed at her audacity. i always secretly thought it was baddass- especially with her hot pink and electric blue striped acrylics. so happy i committed to the purchase.


work clothes

vintage leather hat, tee, high waisted flares.  suede boots- Target.  sunnies- Squaresville.  leatherette jacket- H&M.

photos by Tracy Moyer and S. Stefanski

i blame my ghost town blog on work. we have been so busy these last few weeks that i haven't had any time for proper postings.  here we are in the desert. one of my favorite places to shoot.  my husband and i did props on this shoot and then i ended up getting booked as one of the models! i had a supreme 2 days of shooting with some of my favorite people.   



my mom on my dad's old boat
mom, brother joey, me and cousin jeff

my mom and brother joey bathing me

my little mom, baby sister ruby and brother josh. i'm in the middle
mom, me. godmother helga

sleeping on my mom's lap after trick or treating. so sweet.
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