sans make up avec bunny

lace dress- Forever 21
cotton floral undies- Anthropologie
rose quartz earrings- Ross

i bought this little dress about a month ago.
i plan on wearing it with black thick tights, a bralette
a chunky cardi and a beat up pair of combat boots.
but today i wore it like this.
we worked in the desert yesterday on an editorial for Park magazine.  
it was a long day of rushing around, decorating and then repacking a ton of props.
my lovely husband and business partner did the prop returns and let me have a free day.
 i caught up on laundry and repaired some delicate vintage jewelry.  
i didn't leave my house once, except to walk in the garden.  
i love not wearing a spec of makeup.  
on days like these i cover my face in vitamin e oil and shine on.


gone soft

suede boots- Target (custom spiked)

i bought these boots online
with the intention of wearing them like slippers.
 they have proven to be incredibly comfortable.
i added the spikes to toughen them up a bit.
i'm still trying to decide if i should spike the other side.
what do you think?


ouija dreams


         headband- d.i.y from mum
         necklaces- Anthropologie,vintage 
         cardigan- LF 
         linen high low knit- Gorgeous
         leather and turquoise bracelet- Turley Road
         pj bottoms- Victoria's Secret
         wool hiking socks- Gold Toe
         platforms- Jeffrey Campbell



hot spots

               hat- thrifted
               belt with tassles on hat- Forever 21
               tee- vintage
               hot pink tights- can't remember
               shorts- vintage


aloe in bloom

hat- antiqued
earring- UO
necklace of old watch parts- Annie Costello Brown
necklace of pyrite- Anthropologie
crochet embellished necklace- Free People
warrior princess cuff- vintage
cardigan- Le Sweater- vintage
shirt- Kaiser
belt- thrifted
wide leg pants- Forever 21
wedge boots- Bc from UO

the aloe is blooming.  i have been waiting for this sight for a while.  when the aloe blooms it's orange clusters cheer up our winter garden.  actually there are a few remarkable blooms in full effect these days.  the rosemary is also sprouting in blues.
we have a full week of work in new york beginning tomorrow.  it will be exciting to rush in between buildings and cars and people,  but i am in great anticipation of a full days worth of digging and weeding around our busy bees back home.


arizona snow

                    pyrite necklace- Anthropologie
                    lace bodysuit- Topshop
                    quilted wool boots- Sorel  

sam and i played in the snow just outside williams, arizona. 
the weather was mild, the trees were stunning 
and the snow was perfect.
(perfect for stomping on in barely any clothes)
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