aloe in bloom

hat- antiqued
earring- UO
necklace of old watch parts- Annie Costello Brown
necklace of pyrite- Anthropologie
crochet embellished necklace- Free People
warrior princess cuff- vintage
cardigan- Le Sweater- vintage
shirt- Kaiser
belt- thrifted
wide leg pants- Forever 21
wedge boots- Bc from UO

the aloe is blooming.  i have been waiting for this sight for a while.  when the aloe blooms it's orange clusters cheer up our winter garden.  actually there are a few remarkable blooms in full effect these days.  the rosemary is also sprouting in blues.
we have a full week of work in new york beginning tomorrow.  it will be exciting to rush in between buildings and cars and people,  but i am in great anticipation of a full days worth of digging and weeding around our busy bees back home.


  1. You look amazing in this turban. My mother swears by aloe.

  2. so hippy!

    <3 ur shaggy cardi:)

  3. l love your outfit.You look amazing!!~~))

  4. You look incredible, love the cardi!

  5. Wow this look is stunning, I want everything in this outfit!

  6. When I saw the first image my initial thought was that you were superimposed in front of some beautiful painting. It honestly took a few seconds ...or rather after I scrolled down a bit to realize that it was real and that you were really there.

    These are such lovely images. I absolutely adore your sensibility. I actually spent a great deal of time looking through your blog today after I came across you via a mention of you by another blogger. Thankfully your blog had an end or else I would not of gotten much done in the way of work today.

    Thanks for the endless images/words to inspire the rest of my week.


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