rad (ish)

hat- bought at the melrose trading post
 bullet crystal necklace- melrose trading post
green necklace- vintage
tank and spiked embellished jean shorts- vintage redeux
bra- UO
tights- Target
boots- Dolce Vita

(radish, bee in the sage, sweet peas, sage blossom, edible sage, arugula & thyme, mesculin mix, salad)

sam made planter boxes a few months ago.  
i planted seeds, 
 we put in irrigation and voila!
we have had fresh salads of arugula, 
mesculin mix, cherry tomato, radish, sweet pea, viola, 
basil, cilantro and mint every night. 
i battled pests in the garden until i planted thyme and added more marigolds. 
i cant say enough about planting a polyculture garden.
it benefits the whole garden on an organic level.
this is important to us especially because of our lovely bees.


slacking off: a photo diary

peter coffin's untitled (lines) at moca
trivia queen at the amigo room bar (ace palm springs)
working on a bud light halloween shoot
palm springs
raising hell in palm springs at the ace
thrifting with the girls on our palm springs get away
at the amigo room bar with my bestie, camille
palm springs
i have been neglecting this blog.
these photos explain where i have been.
they are not outfit posts, 
but rather a little peep into my life.
i took a trip with the girls to palm springs.
i cooked, lounged, thrifted, giggled without stopping for 15 minutes, bonded with my girls, lost my mind a bit...
i managed to catch transmission at moca before it closed.
i booked a print job for bud light.
and then i worked on a set design job for two weeks.
 trying to manage my time...


sail the high seas

jewelry, belt- vintage
turquoise/leather bracelet- Kukuly's
tank- Forever 21
backpack- Kimski (little tokyo)
elephant bells- LF
platform clogs- c/o BC

i just received these gorgeous, *comfy clogs from the lovely girls over at BC.
they have pretty much become a staple.
  they give me the perfect height for my daytime bohemian looks and then sneak into the witchy night hours flawlessly.  
they are on sale now here.


the second season

leather headband- Urban Renewal
earring necklaces & purse- vintage
tee and leather vest- vintage
flares- Free People
leather and turquoise bracelet- Kukulys
jade bangle- bought in a vietnam market
boots- LF

my love for the band led zeppelin is unshakable.  
i remember listening to them and finally understanding them at 15. 
 i was in my bedroom feeling especially... um 
  then the rain song played and tore my heart out, 
licked it 
and kindly placed it back into my chest.
it was strange because i had grown up with them as a sort of backdrop to my little world along with alice cooper, carly simon, war, oscar brown jr, last poets, suicidal tendencies, prince, michael jackson, annie lennox and grace jones to name a few.
(my parents and siblings had really supreme music love.) 
but something about that day in my room 
listening to houses of the holy that changed everything.  
i was a virgin and thought that the crescendo of the rain song would be how sex would feel.  
i thought that maybe love would be like that too.
i nerded out, emulating robert plant.  
i whipped my hair around and put my hand on my hip and lazily held the microphone in my other hand, while stomping one foot wearing bellbottoms and a denim vest with no shirt.  
i went nuts that day.
and yearrrrs later i still remember it.
so when i found this original tour tee at a vintage store,
for a little more than a a few weeks worth of groceries...
i couldn't say no.
not to that hazed out teenage girl whose life changed one day while listening to the greatest band ever.
fucking sold.


sad clown

                flower headpiece- made by my mom 
                necklace- Annie Costello Brown from my husband
                earrings- gift from my bestie
                dress- gift from my brother
                chick pin- gift from my stepmom
                jade bangle- bought from a market in vietnam
                cardigan- olvera street
                socks- Forever 21
                shoes- John Fluevog(thrifted)

inspired by clowns. 
sad, happy, perverted and psychotic alike.
i know i have a ridiculous combination of shit happening here
but i had to just go with it.
the thing is...it's a sentimental outfit.
missing people.
remembering my stepmom- she gave me the chick pin for good luck at age five during one of the most traumatic times in my then new life.
having gratitude for my kind and creative mum...
happy to have found the best friend i have always dreamed about having.
in total disbelief that i have the love of sam.
nostalgic for the feeling i had in vietnam just days before our wedding in thailand...
laughing at myself for finally buying fluevogs after hating them in the 90's for being second rate docs wannabes.


spray-paint on canvas

             daisy chain headband- Target
             crucifix- (antique)gift from my brother
             cardigan- LF 
             bustier- UO
             slip- from antique mart in temecula
             bag- Alexander Wang
             boots- Jeffrey Campbell

      we attended an opening at moca, 
      The Painting Factory: Abstraction after Warhol. 
      there are many beautiful pieces up for view.  
      here i am loitering around a sterling ruby
      it reminds me of digital claymation rainclouds.




             turquoise heart necklace- flower mart la
             crystal bullet- Unearthen
             netted amethyst- LF
             clusterfuck ring- Native LA
             large stud bangle- Banana Republic
             wood bangle- Cost Plus World Market
             spiked bracelet- Forever 21
             clutch- Vaalbara Design
             wrap skirt- vintage Ralph Lauren     
             tank- Ross
             boots- Jeffrey Campbell woven litas
             red laces- Target

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