the second season

leather headband- Urban Renewal
earring necklaces & purse- vintage
tee and leather vest- vintage
flares- Free People
leather and turquoise bracelet- Kukulys
jade bangle- bought in a vietnam market
boots- LF

my love for the band led zeppelin is unshakable.  
i remember listening to them and finally understanding them at 15. 
 i was in my bedroom feeling especially... um 
  then the rain song played and tore my heart out, 
licked it 
and kindly placed it back into my chest.
it was strange because i had grown up with them as a sort of backdrop to my little world along with alice cooper, carly simon, war, oscar brown jr, last poets, suicidal tendencies, prince, michael jackson, annie lennox and grace jones to name a few.
(my parents and siblings had really supreme music love.) 
but something about that day in my room 
listening to houses of the holy that changed everything.  
i was a virgin and thought that the crescendo of the rain song would be how sex would feel.  
i thought that maybe love would be like that too.
i nerded out, emulating robert plant.  
i whipped my hair around and put my hand on my hip and lazily held the microphone in my other hand, while stomping one foot wearing bellbottoms and a denim vest with no shirt.  
i went nuts that day.
and yearrrrs later i still remember it.
so when i found this original tour tee at a vintage store,
for a little more than a a few weeks worth of groceries...
i couldn't say no.
not to that hazed out teenage girl whose life changed one day while listening to the greatest band ever.
fucking sold.


  1. i love the garden in the background!
    and the t-shirt! what a shame to admit but I haven't listened Led Zeppelin that much that I could say I love them even though I've listened them enough to say their music is awesome!

    Your story is just incredible! So amazing that someone can feel something like that when listening music. I can't even imagine how it felt like. Your story just inspires me so much! woow so great:D!

  2. Well, sometimes getting gouged at the vintage store is still a good feeling when you know the piece is something you'll get use out of. (After all do you want one really fabulous top. or a bunch of mediocre ones you just feel okay in?) And the tee looks great on you. Also love these pics. Where is this magical, Alice in Wonderland-y looking place?

  3. Absofuckinglutely. Led Zepplin is one of my all time faves. In fact, Patrick and I were thinking of making All of My Love our wedding song. Love them! This tee is fabulous and I am pretty sure your long lean legs were made for flare jeans.

    PS-I tried a week or so ago at fro-ing my hair. I couldn't quite get it right. I think my loss was at the tease. Do you have any tips for me to make my hair as fabulous as yours?? You can see how it turned out on my post last Monday if you like.

  4. I love the shirt! Specially the story behind it, thats what makes a great wardrobe


  5. amazing story! my all time favorite band FOR SURE :)

    i am so happy that you are interested in hosting a clothing swap, i have been thinking of doing one for sooooo long. we should meet up and have coffee sometime soon to discuss it :)

    you look absolutely freakN gorgeous as always!


  6. Those are some sick ass pants! And I love that you found an original tour tee! that would of been such an awesome find for you :)

  7. Wow, what an in incredible style you have - I thought this was an editorial at first.
    Those flares are insane!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done


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