sad clown

                flower headpiece- made by my mom 
                necklace- Annie Costello Brown from my husband
                earrings- gift from my bestie
                dress- gift from my brother
                chick pin- gift from my stepmom
                jade bangle- bought from a market in vietnam
                cardigan- olvera street
                socks- Forever 21
                shoes- John Fluevog(thrifted)

inspired by clowns. 
sad, happy, perverted and psychotic alike.
i know i have a ridiculous combination of shit happening here
but i had to just go with it.
the thing is...it's a sentimental outfit.
missing people.
remembering my stepmom- she gave me the chick pin for good luck at age five during one of the most traumatic times in my then new life.
having gratitude for my kind and creative mum...
happy to have found the best friend i have always dreamed about having.
in total disbelief that i have the love of sam.
nostalgic for the feeling i had in vietnam just days before our wedding in thailand...
laughing at myself for finally buying fluevogs after hating them in the 90's for being second rate docs wannabes.


  1. I love your style and here!!
    Looks great, as always.
    This jumper is amazing
    Sweetie shoes and the way you styled it!!

  2. Such a fun outfit! And it looks gorgeous as well as making sense to you - i like it when that happens when i put on something in the morning. It`s a nice feeling.


  3. Such a fun outfit! So quirky and bold.

  4. pretty ladyyy.. seriously thank you for that way kind comment you left.. totally made my day. :)

  5. Lovley blog,

    will follow you, feel free to do the same

    Johanna, Sweden

  6. the neon color is so great! and i love that cardigan - it's so so beautiful!:)


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