slacking off: a photo diary

peter coffin's untitled (lines) at moca
trivia queen at the amigo room bar (ace palm springs)
working on a bud light halloween shoot
palm springs
raising hell in palm springs at the ace
thrifting with the girls on our palm springs get away
at the amigo room bar with my bestie, camille
palm springs
i have been neglecting this blog.
these photos explain where i have been.
they are not outfit posts, 
but rather a little peep into my life.
i took a trip with the girls to palm springs.
i cooked, lounged, thrifted, giggled without stopping for 15 minutes, bonded with my girls, lost my mind a bit...
i managed to catch transmission at moca before it closed.
i booked a print job for bud light.
and then i worked on a set design job for two weeks.
 trying to manage my time...


  1. Congrats on the gigs--Bud Light--how cool!

    Love these pics and glad you had a great time. I went to Palm Springs once a few years ago--it was fun with all kinds of cute resort-type places for gay guys (who didn't seem to mind me and my husband hanging around.) but damn was it hot! I'm surprised I didn't pass out at any point.

  2. I really love the first photo. So cool. It sounds like you've been having a great time. And congrats on the gig. :)

  3. love the ace shot-Paul


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