sans make up avec bunny

lace dress- Forever 21
cotton floral undies- Anthropologie
rose quartz earrings- Ross

i bought this little dress about a month ago.
i plan on wearing it with black thick tights, a bralette
a chunky cardi and a beat up pair of combat boots.
but today i wore it like this.
we worked in the desert yesterday on an editorial for Park magazine.  
it was a long day of rushing around, decorating and then repacking a ton of props.
my lovely husband and business partner did the prop returns and let me have a free day.
 i caught up on laundry and repaired some delicate vintage jewelry.  
i didn't leave my house once, except to walk in the garden.  
i love not wearing a spec of makeup.  
on days like these i cover my face in vitamin e oil and shine on.


  1. That dress looks so gorgeous on you. And the photos are really beautiful too.


  2. Ahhh you are beyond lovely. Where have you been all my blogging life? I love your blog. xx

  3. OMG you look so sexy. Beautiful dress

  4. These photos are stunning - they could belong to a magazine editorial! Love your blog :)

  5. let's get naked together. haha but in all seriousness, being comfortable in your own skin is hella rad. Kudos.

  6. It's only l can say wow!!You look amazing!!l love it!!


  7. amazing what beautiful look-Paul


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