the punisher

          necklaces- vintage, little store in tokyo
          bracelets- random, downtown la
          rings- Target, vintage
          bodysuit- Sparkle & Fade UO
          vegan leather pants- Free People
          faux fur- Zara
          boots- Gee WaWa
          Rocco pony hair and leather duffel- Alexander Wang

             holy fuck. 
     i bought this bag months ago.  
     i wore it once! 
     i love it, but feel like a dick carrying it.  
     i love clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry- 
     i mean, i spend my own hard, earned, 
     money on these beautiful things but...
     when a bag costs as much as rent 
     it makes me feel flighty.  
     it's my own bullshit- 
     that i'm obviously half over- 
     but i needed to say it.
     i am getting over this complex.  
     shit, it is kind of hard not to 
     when you peep the damn fine integrity of this bag
     scroll up.
     the geography of this bag 
     turns me on
     pebbled veins and black glossy hair
     black on mother fucking black.
     hardware that will change your stride.
     i ain't gonna lie-the shit's heavy.
     heavy enough to ground this flighty bitch.


  1. Fierce!!!

    Yeaaahh GEee WA WA

    Thanks for the sweet comment hun

    See you soon

    <3 Una

  2. It's a great bag! Enjoy it! ;)

  3. I really love the bag, especially because it has its story about conflicting feelings of love and guilty hate..
    always a great style sensibility, amazing outfit!

  4. Vegan leather pants and faux fur - i love you! And you look damn awesome as well! I have the same problem with some clothes - they`re too precious for me to actually wear or use. Dilemma.


  5. I love this Alexander Wang's bag sooo much ! These pictures are incredible !

  6. the pictures are incredible!!


  7. You strut that bag lady! I loves it! And your faux fur jacket and the great leather pants! Killin' it as usual.

  8. fucking nicest bag ever though, i have a knock off but seeing the real thing makes me hate the fake x

  9. awesome shots.. love the bag and boots and pants and fur... I guess you're rocking the entire look.. epic cool!

  10. I love your bag, your fur and your blog !
    I am a new follower :)


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