ruffle ass

shorts- Top Shop

photos by S. Stefanski

while prepping a job in new york i squeezed in three visits to top shop. these shorts were my first lust there. i almost didn't buy them because i felt they might be a little juvenile for me. but then nostalgia kicked in...my aunt di had a pair of these that she wore well into her 50's.  some scoffed at her audacity. i always secretly thought it was baddass- especially with her hot pink and electric blue striped acrylics. so happy i committed to the purchase.


  1. u look so lovely :)

    thx for ur cute comms

    kiss dear!

  2. Perfect detail for spring...makes the usual sexy cut off a tad more innocent and sweet!

  3. i love these shorts
    seriously convinced me to get a pair myself!

  4. OMG these shorts would have made me break my no-shopping vow and cheat (again)! Good choice. I love Top Shop. R~

  5. You're beautiful, girl!
    Your blog is amazing.
    lovely looks on the previous posts.



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