at the fair

feather warrior princess headband- UO.  sunnies- Timeless.  switchblade necklace- antique DIY. wild horses blouse- American Gold.  shorts(trust i'm wearing them)- Top Shop.  thigh highs lost elasticity during the car ride to the fair so i scrunched them down, creating a "tank girl" look.
boots- JC Nation H.  bag- Alexander Wang.

photos by S Stefanski

three good buys
i bought this very blogged about blouse back in march or april.  i   only started wearing it this summer. it's really become more of a dress for me.  i had difficulty wearing it when it was cold out because i don't wear a bra with it...  i think i will order it in black. i see myself wearing it with sweater leggings and an oversized cut up denim vest for the fall.
this Wang bag is softer than any leather bag i have ever owned. i took it to Pasquale(the best) to get scotch guarded the day it arrived. it took a few days to finally get over the fear of carrying it. i go through this with every lovely bag i buy...
 it is so perfect. i love the many pockets, perfect for lugging my new camera and various lenses.
the boots were bought a while ago.  i snatched them up in the nick of time. very coveted and understandably so. these bitches are comfortable and they go with everything. 


  1. beautiful photos and top :)
    great set !:)

  2. I love the blouse so much!!

    *Come over to my new inspired post*
    X Zoe X

  3. That tunic looks great on you--definitely get it in black.

  4. That dress is just BEAUTIFUL! =)


  5. <3 u truly muuuuuuch!

    amazin outfit!

    want the same blouse::::::::~

    kiss dear

  6. oooh no, you have too much tooo lovely&stunning clothes! i love your style sooo much! this outfit is so perfect, i want everything! :) that dress is made of gold, l.o.v.e it!

  7. killing style! love everything in your outfits!! this one is my fav, this romantic white dress mixed with those biker boots...awesome!


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