missing stone

macrame headband- gift from mom. shell earrings- vintage. cross necklace- Christian Dior.  ring- House Of Harlow. necklace(worn as bracelet)- Givenchy. pink onesie- Double In Brass bought at UO. skirt- Vintage. purse- thrifted. toe socks- bought in a market in Tokyo. shoes- Stella McCartney.

photos by Nate Holtberg 

i woke up this morning freezing cold!!  thank goodness the sun stopped by for afternoon tea.
sam and i went to pick up tailoring and decided to have udon for breakfast. my nails were ravaged from the Bebe production design  job i worked on yesterday. the shots look amazing!!! the model was flawless and the art direction was right on. look for the spring mailer in a few weeks. i pulled some seriously industrial and raw pieces. lots of chunky metal drums, stools, tables, chairs...you know things that cause nails to chip and break. so, i treated myself to a mani. i always ask friends to pick a color. yesterday my friend jo-el told me to go green. what do you think?
 later on, nate came over to take some shots. we spent all afternoon chasing the sun. 


  1. I love the green! Good call, Jo-el. I can't wait to see the Bebe shots.

  2. keep chasing the sun.. a lovely amalgam of texture and style.


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