jamie phillips

designs by Jamie Phillips

       I had a few prop jobs last week. One was styling still lifes for Bebe. I had a blast.  The summer accessories are definitely worth checking out. The earrings are huge, bold, dripping with feathers...the kind of thing you wear to a festival. The wedges are pretty sick too. Lots of snake print and natural fibers going on.  
Target followed that shoot. We had two days on the beach in Malibu. we were fortunate to have sunshine all day, both days.  The crew was dreamy. I met a new art director, who happens to be super chill and so amazing at his job.  Another bonus- I worked with my sam! We haven't worked together in months. 
After work on thursday we stopped by Filth Market. They were having a bazaar. We ran into some friends and had a few pabst blue ribbons.  
The photos posted are from Jamie's collection.  She makes incredible stained glass bird pieces that I love!  Her necklaces are really fantastic too. The size and length are perfect. She does custom pieces as well. 

                                                                  I bought one of her rings.
    I have worn it every day and refuse to take it off.

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