leopard headband- H&M.  earrings, leather belt, satin shoes, wool jacket- vintage.  wool trousers- Nine to Five Crocodile.  black sabbath shirt- vintage  cross- antique shop.  long necklace- Target.  bracelet- Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohls.  ring and woven bag- antique shop pioneertown.

photos by Nathan Holtberg

this passed weekend was chock full of loveliness. we took a little road trip to pioneertown to hear some yummy music. i want to tell you everything, but pictures speak volumes soooo...wait for them! i promise to edit them before the week ends. i did debut a few of my favorite finds in this here little story. the ring and the bag. how amazing is this bag?  the shape is so unique. 
i adore my black sabbath shirt. it is incredibly soft and the fit is divine.  i wear it too much. i thought it might be fun to wear in a slightly less grungy way than i usually wear it.  i bought the satin shoes thinking i would sport them often.  this purchase took place 4 months ago.  this is the first time i have worn them. um. ouch. they are extremely uncomfortable and a little kooky.  the kooky, i dig-but i refuse to suffer in uncomfortable shoes for long periods.  of course they were taken off five minutes after Nate shot them and exchanged for my comfy Coach pumps. 
i usually insole all of my shoes. especially the vintage.  if the shoe is roomy enough i will put in athletic insoles. but for wedges, platforms, pumps or narrow shoes i use Dr. Scholl's high heel insoles. they are made especially narrow but still provide the cushioning we need to dance to folk music all night long, in the desert, baby! 

"Follow me now and you will not regret
                                                         leaving the life you led before we met"

         -Black Sabbath n.i.b.

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  1. ok. i have alot of things to talk about here! your pants, belt, THAT BAG?!?! And the whole entire dumb donald post?!? you are amazing' LOVE it!!!!!! p.s. thank you so much for your sweet comment!! the pictures will be up friday!!

    ashley <3


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