desperately seeking momma kitty

headband- UO.  sunglasses- Spanish Moss.  necklace- UO.  bracelets- bought at a late night market from a local designer on the island of Phi Phi in Thailand.  earring- Sirens & Sailors.  bra- Damsel.   pants/playsuit- Pinkerton from Anthropologie.  belt- Anthropologie.  sandals- Dunes

photos by William Czyzyk

Feeling like I need  little color today.
  I never wear lips- but I just discovered a lip color that is unlike most lipsticks that I usually wipe away after a few minutes.  NARS velvet matte lip pencil in red square.

 Emphasis on MATTE.  I am the first to admit that i'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to make up. I rarely wear the stuff. But I reckon I could get into a few bold pigments this spring and summer.

 the heavy rain we had a few weeks back did nothing but wonders to my garden. sometimes when i'm pruning the roses or gathering trimmings of sage, my sweet momma kitty follows me around and pulls little stunts. she runs up trees and bounces down. she throws herself at my feet and rolls around until i stop what i'm doing to play with her. and then other days when she's feeling more mysterious, she will hide in the green, stalking me, making her presence only vaguely known.  

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