take me home

i went from yearning for the social connect- out out out...to
total homebody.  i enjoy dressing up but have an even greater fondness for dressing down in little slips, gigantic old beat up x-boyfriend t shirts, bloomers, see through bras, boy shorts and naked feet.  
today my sam and i wallpapered.  we own our home and love it dearly. almost every day off is spent on some garden or house project. 

here are a few photos of our home and the things we collect.

photos by Nathan Holtberg, Sarah Baley and me.


  1. omg alexys ur home pix are stunnin!

    love so much ur taste and the things u collect:))

    so so cool:))

    keep goin!

    btw u look so gipsy rock below!love it!

  2. if that is your home please invite-Paul


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