financial crisis aborted.

bag- Alexander Wang.  shoes- Zodiac.  headband- Target.  vintage bracelets. woven bracelets- from Puerto Rico.  necklace- Givenchy.  blouse- Millau from LF.  vintage cut offs- Levis.

photos by S Stefanski

so... lf had their seasonal sale!  i battled with reason. honestly, i shouldn't have bought anything.  but frivolity took shotgun. it could have been worse. i put a few things back. that was when my voice of reason was allowed to ride bitch. 

the girls of lf on larchmont are a different breed from the other vags girls at various lf stores...  the sales associates are sweet like mangosteen. they seek out the long lost cosmic litas in size 7, they find every high low dress known to man, they offer advice on bag loads of contenders.  yes, they give you bags to put all the merch you are hoarding from the other wild animals in. they write your name on these bags and they help you fill them. it started out totally liberal, my bags of clothes. many many many bags of goodies. i escaped to feed my meter with the idea of only purchasing the cosmic litas.  this was very tea party of me.  the moment i stepped back into the store and glimpsed the growing competition, my bag number became Obama's view on gay marriage. shifty/shitty but could be worse. 
this blouse isn't exactly my style- but i am easily coaxed by stylish girls whispering sweet somethings pertaining to cloth on my person.  
i do get a kick out of the arm ladder rungs...the high low is flattering and the color and pattern is very 1940's pretty...okay, me likey.  today i am too lazy and hot to wear it with the high waisted pencil skirt i envisioned, but come fall, it's on.

pardon? oh, i should have spent the $$$ on a mani?
 fair enough.


  1. love your shoes

    X Zoe X

  2. Love the oxfords. I have a pair but never thought to pair them w/ shorts! Have a great weekend, Sweetie! xo

  3. YOU'RE STUNNING! love your blog!! :) following def. ps; i went to moca the other day too to see art in the streets, was it not jaw dropping?



  4. You look amazing. Beautiful Pictures! Love your whole outfit esp the shoes x


  5. Maybe the loveliest things come from the West Coast.
    You are dazzling!
    I lovelovelove your blog and will definitely be following.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)


  6. Gorgeous top! You look amazing as always!

  7. amazing top to bottom, as always!


  8. OMG you are so pretty <3 *_*

    I love your blouse!



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