be still my beating heart

this isn't much of an outfit post but here you go: sunnies- Spanish Moss.  vest- Jessica McClintock.  flannel- vintage.  ruffled henley tank- BCBG.  leggings- Forever 21.  socks- gift.  meteor shower boots- Seychelles.

my love and i decided that we were born to have adventure.  nothing screams adventure like hopping on atvs and riding the oceano dunes.  it was too much fun. we almost couldn't be bothered to stop to take pictures.  these photos do not even come close to showing the beauty that we rode through. huge mountains of sand swept by the wind...huge gusts of wind whipping against our bodies...my heart, beating in fear and excitement as i get caught in the punchbowl and have no choice but to floor it and careen from bluff to bluff going nowhere but circular nowhere- and fast.  riding steep two story cliffs only to spit straight up another two stories giving it your all just to get over the humps.  screaming out conquering screams of joy  and then teeth chattering when you realize that what you are actually doing could be fatal. 
fuck yeah.


  1. wish u took me for a ride:)

    have a nice day dear:)

  2. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

  3. Totally cool! love your blog, first timers!
    would you like to follow each other via bloglovin?

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