bitch pleats

dress- vintage.  shoes- Forever21.  hair scarf- Escada.

I bought this dress so long ago. It's difficult to wear because the fabric isn't the best.  But today I felt the pleats took precedence.  It was one of those warm/chilly days so the heaviness and "unbreathableness" actually worked in my favor.  I tried layering a camel colored knit over it but again, the fabric is limiting and it looked frumpy and hid the interesting bits of the dress. I guess every now and then I can succumb to simple femininity without the comfort of layers or toughness.


  1. Sometimes you just gotta give in to the dress, ya know? I love this dress. The color is fabulous on you and the pleats are the best. Great look!

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  3. Great pictures! You look so good in photos!
    Love the color of your dress!

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous! Wow damn F21.


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