the mission

basic v-neck tee- Son Of John different color here.
suspenders- Forever 21.
necklace- antiqued.
cut offs- vintage Levis from Kukuly's.
  rings- stand in venice, Topshop, Target, antiqued.
bracelet- downtown la.
socks- Target.
boots- Dolce Vita.
bag- Anna Corinna.

sam and i had lunch at one of our favorite vietnamese
 restaurants in alhambra and then walked over to the movie theater to see Drive. so gooooood! after the movie sam brought me to the beautiful san gabriel mission for some blog photos. i love the Spanish-Moorish style of architecture. everything around this district is made of stone, brick and mortar. it should be romantic but there is an underlying energy of loss and sadness that is really
difficult to ignore.
  it was founded in 1771 in bloddshed and ruin. a soldier's misconduct lead to violent and barbaric death among the indians.  a chief's wife was killed and later his life was taken when he sought revenge. and to think- masses were held, people were baptised, all in the same area the chief's head was impaled on a stick by the soldiers.
        so... that's my excuse for bitch face in these photos.          


  1. Love these pictures! You look great and love your rings!

  2. Looking awesome hottie!! It's amazing how you can wear so much accessories and look so ûbercool, I just look like a treasurechest when I try:D

    Love Iben

  3. This jewellery looks awesome!

  4. love the rings and nail polish. amazing



  5. l like you hair !! You look very cool ~)


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