taste a bit like me

clap your hands say yeah
samantha and my sam (haircut!)
frank lurking behind me...creepy pup.

knit striped pullover- Zara
romper- vintage, it was my mom's
tights- Target
boots- Squaresville
necklaces- vintage
earrings- vintage
rings- Marc By Marc Jacobs, vintage, Target, antiqued
bracelet- Forever 21

  this passed sunday was perfect.  the weather was gorgeous and there was plenty to do.  earlier in the day i went to cicLAvia. 7.5 miles of city streets were shut down and turned over to cyclists and pedestrians!  sam was busy building stairs to our chicken coop- so i rolled solo.  i rode my bike around the downtown la area, ran into friends, ate from food trucks, drank arnold palmers on the bar patio, and took a few photos with my film camera.

  later we hit up the Toyota antics block party (music fest) in echo park to see clap your hands say yeah.  we met up with our friend samantha and danced and hung out for a bit.  then sam and i decided to stop and get some vegan ice cream at sage.  we felt piggish so we got a pint of salted chocolate caramel and a pint of clean green.  i'm not a huge sweets person but this ice cream is so amazing. it doesn't taste artificial or overly sweet.  just refreshing and delicious! when we got home we dug into our ice cream while watching boardwalk empire...gluttons!


  1. Grrrl I don't know who you are or what you do but you are THE SHIT. I wish you lived in San Diego because then I could crush on your hair short-distance and we could blog collabo and be fabulous all the time.

    End gushing.

  2. your style is SOOO on point. exactly my taste. love that i found your blog. now following of course.

    xxx theSIREN

  3. u look so cool!

    <3 the 1st look most!

    cool pics too!

  4. Love those boots on you--and Target has some great tights sometimes though I was so upset when I looked for the same pair you have here with the polka dots there and they didn't have 'em. Guess I have to keep checking back--it's such a funky but versatile style.

  5. i take it he was wearing pockets this time???

    so jealz!

    the day looks amazing, and your outfit so fun.

    ps. this is the festival i vomited on a first date at last year. o, lovely. lolz.

  6. love the boots. seemed like a fun party. peace



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