trees uprooted and stuff

                          necklace, bracelet, bag, vest- vintage
  belt- thrifted
ring- Target
 pants- BDG UO

los angeles is rather blustery.
the power is out. all hell has most certainly broken loose.
angelenos are frantically fighting for wifi at every open coffee shop.
trees are down in the road and often suspended and entangled in power lines.  orgies of palms create curbside walls, branches and parked car's windshields are fully engaged in a very non-consensual coitus.  its like andy goldsworthy gone urban disaster rogue guest directed by michel ricaud.
somehow, i found a seat at one of the few open starbucks.
finally tapping into my schedule, it looks like i will be very busy for the next few weeks working on various shoots.  i will try to post as much as possible during the craziness.
thanks for visiting me.


  1. Oh no! Isn't it crazy how much dependency that you realize you have in electricity when you no longer have availability to it anymore? Hope that it gets back up soon! Love the vest girl!

  2. absolutely love that look


    u look stunning!


  3. Great, original outfit, really like it!

  4. Woah just saw this. Hope all of the chaos hasn't affected your life too much. I guess not or you probably would have mentioned it. Still... yikes.

    Off topic, love the outfit here. The lace blouse is really pretty especially with the UO jeans. I actually just got a pair of BDG skinnies in the red wine color, but now you're tempting me with this piece of candy.

  5. whoa, monochrome palette and hippie textures-- I'm sold. You're such a total babe.


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