buy the ticket, take the ride

this was lovers lane. 
 it was work but it felt like go karting.
happy hour ginger lemon cayenne shots until our vision pulsed.
a sleep so sound our dreams were never mentioned.


  1. u look so amazin and hooooooot:)

    have a nice day:)

    kiss luv xx

  2. The place you stayed at looks really nice - loving all the mismatched frames and the quirky pictures. That photo of you on the couch is my favorite though. And thank you for your comment - I think your blog is quite eclectic too. Love it.

    PS - I`m really, deeply sorry for your loss. Hope you`re feeling well today.


  3. great pics *-*
    thanks for your visit and come back always!

  4. Great pics, amazing blog! Thank you for putting comment on my blog, in that way I found out your little place-and I am very happy because this is one of the best blogs I have ever seen. You have amazing style, and you look so pretty! ^^

  5. wow buy me a ticket-Paul


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