high blues


feather earrings- UO
necklaces- vintage, antiqued
silk slip- vintage Valerie Stevens
knit- Kimchi Blue
leather jacket- given to me by my aunt diana
tights- Anthropologie
boots- Luichiny from the 90's

i have been trying to get rid of clutter.  color coding my closets, going through boxes of love letters, clothes, shoes, bags- it's endless.
i found these boots in a box of 1990s clothing and shoes.  i loved wearing these!
they give massive height.  they sort of remind me of the unif hellbound boots. i found a few more stack athletics that will soon be cool again.  they are almost there.
this jacket is amazing. my rad aunt gave it to me a few years ago.  it is super tough/difficult to wear in but i like the shiny new sparkle it gleams.  i still have a dozen or so boxes left. i have been donating things to out of the closet thrift stores and goodwill.  i'm thinking about trying to connect a store to my blog for the items that are like new that i have barely worn.  seems like a lot of work but i might be up for it...
hope you all had a lovely weekend.  


  1. All the colors and textures are so pretty. And you`re right about those shoes - seriously cool, and they are having a comeback!


  2. Wow! I love the bright pink under the sparkly sweater and over those amazing leggings! Cleaning out stuff is such a chore, but also can be kind of fun too!

  3. Great pictures! I love the glitter thights and feather earrings!

  4. Clothes swap! Clothes swap! Clothes swap MUST happen before goodwill.

  5. Those shoes are just about the coolest things ever. Definitely some massive platforms. Ah how I love 90s platforms. I love the leather jacket as well, but I'm partial to such jackets anyway. ;)


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