in wonderland

                 twisted fabric headband- D.I.Y.
                 crucifix- antique- gift from brother
                 thai necklace- Koh Samui shop
                 crushed velvet jumpsuit- vintage Betsey Johnson
                 belt- santee alley
                 bag- Anthropologie 
                 leather/knit cardigan- thrifted
                 boots- vintage from Wasteland

i brought my mom to lacma to see the in wonderland.
the exhibition is a beautiful display of women surrealist art  from the early 1930s to the late 1960s.
it is so relevant and powerful that i fell deep, deep into the many worlds they created.
it sounds corny but i cried a little when i stood inches away from frida kahlo's paintings. 
and i couldn't claw my way into remedios varo's world fast enough.
i honestly cannot tell you how charged i felt there.  
if you live in southern california, you have to go.


  1. What a cool place to visit! Sounds amazing! I love being moved by history and art. Similarly, I am moved by this incredible vintage Betsey Johnson jumpsuit and the rad belt!

  2. I'd love to visit the exhibition!!
    What a shame that I'm so far away..too sad, but your jumpsuit is so beautiful and you have always such a good taste in accessories that I'm amazed anyway!! kisses to you and Frida!

  3. Love the Betsey jumpsuit, and interesting camera effect. Looks like the pics were taken through rain or glass.

    Also thanks so much for your recent lovely comments on my blog. I do appreciate the feedback.

  4. That velvet jumpsuit is to die for! Where do you get such unique pieces?

  5. I would've cried too! Frida is one of my biggest inspirations. I was so sad that the exhibit opened just a little bit after I moved from SoCal to Portland :(


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