back in pink

knit- Top Shop
bunny headband- UO
necklace- vintage
leggings- Target
boots- Docs

one day in the spring when i was nine my mom and i began a stroll to a typical chicago neighborhood festival.  she was wearing a pink matching cotton pant and blouse set.  after we crossed the street a group of older boys(probably 13 or 14) began walking behind us.  they were a cacophony of combat boots, harem pants, ripped tees,  patched denim vests, dog tags, suspenders, mohawks, dyed black hair and eyeliner.  
yum, i thought. 
or maybe i just wanted to be them. 
regardless, being there, in public, with my mom, while cute stylish punks stomped behind us...
 was super embarrassing.
 i longed to be in any outfit but the gitano eva joia ensemble i chose that day.
the boy with the dyed black hair came up really tight on us and shouted, 
"i hate the color pink!"
my mom,(barely 5 ft tall)spun around and shouted back,
(much to my horror) 
"i hate the color black!" 
they ran off 
and i stood there, on belmont and clark, stunned.


  1. You mums sounds like a total bad ass...a bad ass in pink

  2. We love pink too...

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  3. your pants are to die for..lovely outfit..
    Thanks for the comment dear..

    See you soon
    <3 xoxo

  4. You look awesome. Hair, leggins and boots <3 <3 <3 Love it ;)
    Thank you for comment. I'm following you now :)


  5. Great story and great combination...:)

  6. omgggg i want your sweater so bad! it looks so comfortable and nice

  7. You are so cool looking! Love your outfit- awesome docs!!

    xo Rachel


  8. LOL That sounds like something my mom would say too! You look great in pink regardless, but what are you sitting on??? Be careful! (<----also something my mom would say)

  9. You look GREAT in pink! What a great mom(I'm a mom and barely 5 feet so I hope I can be as tough for my two boys haha)


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