sunnies- Target
          necklaces- Ria Charisse and vintage
          top- Forever 21
          cut offs- One Teaspoon
          tights- UO
          90s mary janes- Beach House thrifted in austin
          bag- Jeanne Bernard antiqued

we stopped at the train tracks for some pictures.  
we have been meaning to shoot here for a while.  
this was totally impromptu as you can tell by my casual attire.  
and yes, we do keep parasols in our pick up truck for occasions like this.  
in the last shot i am on top of the train.  
sam wanted me to stand on precarious parts of the train to shoot a different perspective.  
i kept it simple and safe while thinking irrational thoughts of the train's sudden forward motion.


  1. Love the tights on you and the parasol. And the train yard makes a very cool background. Glad you finally got to shoot there.

  2. i like so much the way you do your job here simple and fun!

  3. Fantastic photos. And the parasol is wonderful!

  4. I just discovered your blog and it's so awesome! You have such a great and unique sense of style and I love your hair!

    I'm your new follower, hope to be followed in return!


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