feather crown- bought in little tokyo
necklace, ring- Native LA
tee, shorts- vintage
suede boots- Target(i added the spikes)

i am so sad that my pink tips have faded! 
oh, but it was so fun while it lasted. 
yeah, those two days were bliss.
what up with that?
i am looking for a more permanent dye.  
tomorrow i may pick up some special effects dye and experiment at home.
awww shit...
i know this post lacks discipline. 
my edit is shameless.
but it's late and i'm trying to post daily.
i just really like these shorts and this tee.
these shots are all taken at my house in the garden, paths leading to the garden and the tiki hut. 
most of my photos are taken at my house.
you should come over. 
i make a delicious hong kong milk tea.


  1. Consider me there sister! Well . . . after I stop shamelessly splurging on shenanigans to afford a ticket. Aw dreams.

    At any rate, you look great as usual. I love the headpiece and those amazing boots. I can't wait to see your pink tips again! I wish I could pull off pink streaks in my hair but alas I work in the law field where apparently it isn't cool to have colors in your hair. Blah.


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