summer hike

photos by Nate Holtberg

hat- Melrose Trading Post
necklaces- vintage
cotton slip- bought at an antique market
bra- Damsel UO
wool socks- Target
hiking sandals- Keen

this is sort of an outfit post...
many of my outfits are fairly casual compared to other bloggers.
i guess i lead a somewhat casual lifestyle.
i like to get dirty.
i don't always change into platforms to get the perfect blog post.
i figure there are probably other people who enjoy this rugged lifestyle.
the spontaneous tree climb,  fishing trip, DIY house remodel, garden day, roll in the grass with dogs...
these things are more novel to me than brunch at the chateau marmont followed by hours of shopping at barneys.
don't get me wrong- those things are fun on occasion.
but my life is just a bit grittier.


  1. What a sweet little dress--and loving it with the contrasting bra.

    And please don't change, Alexys. People who wear shoes in posts that they can't wear for more than five minutes in their real lives are a bad joke.

  2. I for one love a gritty girl/lifestyle.
    After a while seeing the same clothes on the same type of bloggers gets a bit boring. SO, to you I say never change.

  3. Preach! Love this and love your style--you know this! That little white dress is fab-u-lous!

  4. Duuuuuude. That hat is PERFECT on you.

  5. grittier = better. i'd take a hike over barneys ANY DAY. and you are fucking RAD.

  6. I'd have to say grit is better on many occasions. Dressing up in impractical shoes is fun but, really, I like being able to move around with ease a lot more!

  7. I love that you're wearing comfortable shoes on a hike. Practicality is a must. :)


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