sunnies- Topshop
  tank- Crossroads
                       earrings- Alex and Chloe x Forever 21
   necklace- old diy
                necklace- Annie Costello Brown
                             bracelets- UO, Cost Plus, Olvera st.          belt- thrifted
 shorts- thrifted
          kimono/blouse- Forever 21
           lace biker shorts- TJ Maxx
                       platforms- Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

i met up with some fellow bloggers for lunch and tea at casbah.
gorgeous girls, sabella of bravegrrl and tessa of apparellel
we spent a lovely afternoon trying to plan a clothing swap.  
i'm hoping to host one at my house in mid july.  
i would love for any so cal girls to email me if interested.
 of course we were sidetracked with talk of diy projects, love and travel. 
i could have easily spent hours more with these girls.  
later i met with my incredibly beautiful and stylish friend, nathan of etsy store, the quiet color.
he has a variety of handpicked vintage pieces for women that you should check out.
later we hit up a bbq/movie night.
i love summer days like these. 


  1. God bless it all I wish there were more bloggers in my state!!! Blogger meet ups sound so fun. *wallows in self pity*

    At any rate, I love your tee. It reminds me of one my mom gave me a long time ago from the 70's. It had a picture of Mt. Rushmore and it said "even the best get stoned" in sparkly letters. Speaking of, I need to find that . . .

  2. Clothing swaps sounds like fun--too bad I'm on the wrong coast! Glad you guys had fun on your outing though.

  3. thank you so much for your comment


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