(daisy sunnies- UO   
braided velvet hairband
knit cardi- LF  
cotton peasant blouse- Old Navy (thrifted)
lace floral leggings- thrifted
crystal necklace cluster- La flower mart
leather pouch- vintage
bracelets- Target, Olvera st la, Forever21, vintage
platform sneakers- eBay)

we had a job in new york city!  this was the only day it was cool.
i dressed for a long day of prep.  
we bopped all around Manhattan, jersey, brooklyn and long island
looking for the right props.
most of the day my husband/business partner and i rode together in a cargo van.
then we parted ways and i traveled on foot.
i cannot say enough about the hidden wedge...  i think i need to order them in another color.
while walking through soho i noticed many women hitting the streets in 4 inch + platforms.
some with frightening ease...
and others looking all kinds of unsteady.
i guess la women have it easy- caged in cars.
but i feel pretty fucking alive and connected on foot, in crowds.
god, i love this city.


  1. One day I will be able to see NYC. It has always been my dream. I just want to breath in all of the excitement and life of the city. Siiiiigh. Dreams.

    Any way, you look lovely as usual Alexys!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Cant get over how amazing your leggings and hair are! xx

  3. Those leggings are truly fantastic! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  4. love the cardigan and leggings!!


  5. Chic and totally unique!

    oxoxxo from San Francisco

  6. i really love your leggings! dope style!


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