this was fall

  hat- vintage
  necklace- vintage
  rings- shop wasteland, vintage
  bracelets- forever 21, vintage, urban outfitters
  bag-  thrifted
  dress- jovovich- hawk (old)
  boots- gee wawa fatale via spanish moss

i have been distracted.  my husband and i have a business together.  we do prop styling and set design for still photo shoots.  it has been rather busy for us.  so busy that blogging has been left on the back burner.  i miss it. i miss this other world. my narcissistic dear diary in photos.  
these photos were from early fall. what season are we currently in?  late fall? week until official winter?  
nearly winter, i think- because of the holiday decor and the shopping. 
in photo shoot land we have moved on.  we are on to spring and summer. and in Los angeles weird weather world it feels a lot like spring or early fall.  i don't know...
i do know that i feel a road trip steadily approaching.  my sam and i vow to venture to the soggy, green northwest after all this craziness dies down. work and all.  
i'm not complaining!  i am so happy that our little business has blossomed.  
 i'm even more grateful to our team of assistants and crafters and artists that make everything possible.  


  1. Whew! You have been busy! I can barely believe its winter either! As usual you look gorgeous in these photos!

  2. Awesome! I too feel a road trip coming on..


  3. your style is amazing and your blog rocks!!! plus, you love SMV!
    I´m a new follower, babe! keep it up!



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