the parker

               hat- VINTAGE
               jewelry- VINTAGE
               denim bra top- FOREVER 21
               skirt-  VINTAGE VIA SQUARESVILLE
               boots- SAM EDELMAN

        my husband, sam and i have had a very busy work life.  we have been traveling from los angeles to new york city a lot.  we don't always work together.  the passed few jobs sam had brought him to new york.  my jobs were here in los angeles.  it can be a very enjoyable, creative and collaborative experience working with your life partner...but sometimes we need to get away from work and have silly, romantic, sexy, cuddly time. ha.
so we usually head to the hot desert.  one hotel we really love is the parker.  sam took these photos the minute we walked into our room.  we had such a lovely 3 days!
we lounged by the pool in the afternoon, did laps , ate spaghetti and meatballs in bed while watching the killing, thrifted, took walks, slept really late...  you know, everything you should do during a mini holiday.
one of the days i did end up working.  i got a booking as a model for a new handbag line. we shot at a cabin in joshua tree.  it was a long day but we had a great crew and beautiful weather.  


  1. So glad to see your face and really glad you and your honey got some quality time. Sounds like it was perfect. I'm sure that must be hard and thus makes weekends like these all the more precious! It should go without saying that you look lovely as always.

  2. Lovely outfit! You look fabulous. Glad you got some downtime with your guy.


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