fashionbater on my style canvas

if you blog or follow blogs you know Sabina of my syle canvas as an inspiration, an eye for the next it piece, and an insanely talented illustrator.  when i first came across her blog i immediately knew that Sabina in all her mystery(i find her to a bit mysterious...this all knowing fashion guru with talent supreme who only on occasion posts photos of herself...hello pin up beauty)was one to follow to keep on point.

i would be lying to you if i didn't say this:
when Sabina posts gorgeous illustrations of bloggers, i kinda secretly fantasized that one day i would inspire an illustration.  yes, i am a nerd.

so when she casually imbedded a link in a comment she left on my last post- to this illustration of me???!!!! yes, me!! you can imagine how it turned my hectic work day into a dreamy breezy day. 
in conclusion, i am truly flattered and very inspired to post regularly with a clairvoyant fashion gusto that hopefully inspires others. 


  1. I may not know who any of the two of you are or what you do but I can tell this is awesome!

  2. Great post and illustration! Great idea to work with other artists!

  3. oh dear this is really flattering!

    great post!

    <3 u!

    u re an inspiration for any blogger:)

    rouli xx

  4. Dude. This means that you're like, famous. ;)

  5. Hey thanks for the shout-out--so glad you liked the illustration.


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