topiary dressing

sunnies- vintage from Squaresville
necklace- sam's family's treasure chest find
lace tunic- Free People
ruffled plaid skirt- Edme & Esyllte via Anthropologie
bag- Topshop
eyelet socks- Free People
boots- JC Litas

our first day off in weeks!  we had somewhat of a lazy day. we had lunch at a french cafe. i had pate and fresh greens. sam had steak tartar.  we shopped a bit around los feliz. sam found a lovely pair of oxfords and i scored these matte subtle cat eye sunnies.  
my husband and i work together as a set designer/prop stylist team.  we spend so much time on set rushing about that these little moments of just the two of us treating ourselves to lunch and beautiful things can really ground us and get us out of work mode.  
it has been rainy and cool(southern california cool). this has prompted me to start planning my beloved layers upon layers looks of fall and winter.  today wasn't too chilly so i chose to layer this otherwise cheesy and boring tunic over a skirt.  i love the lengthening effect.  and these Litas...i put them in the back of my closet because they are everywhere.  but, fuck... they are just really good boots for height, comfort and outfit compatibility. in that respect, i am totally at ease with being one, in an army of girls in Litas.  


  1. This outfit is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s)! I thought it was a really cool mermaid-esque dress, but I love that you paired this shear tunic over the long plaid skirt. And yay for little moments of "finding the time"!

  2. hahaha holy shit whaaat this is so badass. A+ for being the only original thing I've seen all night in the blogosphere

  3. Very nice outfit!.. We love the bag too..

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  4. u look cool and unique dear

    great sunnies


  5. genius to pair the skirt with a tunic. this is exactly why i follow you. love it!

    xxx theSIREN

  6. Love this outfit on you, the long tunic and long skirt are so flattering together, and the Litas deserve some of the credit too. I actually think it's kind of fun that getting them is like fashion blogger initiation. (Though I have yet to get a pair of my own, I admit to wanting to get 'em.)

    And glad you and the hubby got to get some time for yourselves.

  7. really like your outfit, especially the shoes...
    great blog by the way, can't stop looking through it

  8. love the layers and see thru-hot-Paul


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