jewelry- vintage.  seashell necklace- diy.  sweater- Ecote.  shirt- Limited Express.  skinnies- H&M.  creeper boots- Alexander Wang.  bag- Marc By Marc Jacobs.

photos by S. Stefanski


dinner & the market

cumin lamb (spicy)

feather hair piece and necklace- LF.  velvet jacket- vintage from mom.  bustier- American Apparel.  crushed velvet dress- vintage.  tights- gift from sister.  suede boots- vintage from Slow.

photos by A. Oliver and S. Stefanski


berda paradise

  bolero feather coat- thrifted.  tank- UO.  shell belt- Target.  bangles- thrifted and Forever 21.  velour trousers- Ann Taylor.  ivory patent leather loafers- Gucci bought at Berda Paradise Thrift in silverlake.
Italian lamb hat- thrifted.  paper mask worn as a necklace- vintage store at the Grove.  silk coral blouse- Forever 21.  skirt-  thrifted from Berda Paradise Thrift.  cardigan- Celine.  lace fingerless gloves- Pop Killer.  white ball bracelet- vintage.  ring- Target.  mary janes- Coach.

Photos by S. Stefanski

i recently stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores, (Birda Paradise Thrift 3506 Sunset Boulevard LA CA 90026) for a bit of the old shop shop shop. as usual i found many lovely things. the high waisted skirt is quite a dainty/dapper thing. i feel like a real lady in it.  the black velour wide legged trousers are soft, comfortable and effortlessly chic. they graze my shoes just right. ummm the shoes? f yeah, the shoes. i'm pretty sure i pulled a mister furley at the sight of those Gucci scrumptious yum yummers still in the box complete with dust bag and a Maxfield sticker on the side!!! what what what????

The prices are excellent and the merchandise is unique. I have been shopping at Berda's for over a decade.  All sales help to support the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic.  This is a nonprofit health care facility, providing free medical & counseling services to the underserved Los Angeles community.  BUT... they are struggling now, due to our ill economy.  the Berda Paradise Thrift relies on our donations to survive. so, if you have a bag of clothes that just will not sell, please take them here. they also take household items, books, blankets, jewelry and unicorns(there are a lot of sweet little guys there right now).  please help them out. i am collecting bags and boxes from friends and family for a drop off on wednesday. send me an email if you would like more information. 
spring cleaning and a good cause, chickens.


jamie phillips

designs by Jamie Phillips

       I had a few prop jobs last week. One was styling still lifes for Bebe. I had a blast.  The summer accessories are definitely worth checking out. The earrings are huge, bold, dripping with feathers...the kind of thing you wear to a festival. The wedges are pretty sick too. Lots of snake print and natural fibers going on.  
Target followed that shoot. We had two days on the beach in Malibu. we were fortunate to have sunshine all day, both days.  The crew was dreamy. I met a new art director, who happens to be super chill and so amazing at his job.  Another bonus- I worked with my sam! We haven't worked together in months. 
After work on thursday we stopped by Filth Market. They were having a bazaar. We ran into some friends and had a few pabst blue ribbons.  
The photos posted are from Jamie's collection.  She makes incredible stained glass bird pieces that I love!  Her necklaces are really fantastic too. The size and length are perfect. She does custom pieces as well. 

                                                                  I bought one of her rings.
    I have worn it every day and refuse to take it off.


fence in the valley

hair jewel- Forever 21.  earring- Macy's.  silver locket- had it so long, i cannot remember but i think a gift from my mom.  medicine pouch- from a small gift shop in Colorado.  triangle bra- Damsel UO.  poncho- UO.  sweater- Free People.  leather zip skinnies- Loops.  boots- Juicy. belt- thrifted.  bucket bag- Zara.

photos by S. Stefanski

a few things here. wrinkled poncho.   i do not enjoy ironing. i bought a hand held steamer from target months ago and used it twice.  it's not the best but after 20 minutes of (repeatedly) filling up with water an ounce container hidden within it and going over the garment super agro, it sort of helps. i really need to get into the habit of ironing or steaming my clothing more often.  bra. i really don't need to wear a bra but i get so cold... and i like pretty things ever so much. this one is a simple lace  triangle with skinny little straps. i bought a few in basic colors.  sweater. i can't express to you my love for this. we had a make-out session in one of my earlier posts.  the leathers speak for themselves.

photos by S. Stefanski 



sources: 1. can't remember where this came from...? 2. via Le Fashion  3. self portrait  4. Photo by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. Modeled by Mariacarla Boscono via tom banwell.  5. Eliot Lee Hazel photography


betrayal of one's sovereign

this is the thing after the dinner for the girl who speaks the language of the planets. 
this is the place we quenched and hid and danced and conversed.
this is the night a phalange dared to gag allegiance.

photos: A. Oliver. 
photo of me by Joel Garcia

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