sick days


               pajama chemise- Natori
               glasses- Ray-Ban wayfarer

i have neglected my duties as a blogger. 
yes indeed. 
i had an especially long and gruelling job that i ended up   catching a terrible cold on.  
i have been living in my natori pj chemise and my glasses.
my sinus headaches have been epic so i haven't been able to resort to inspiration posts. 
so, yeah...
boring days of sleep and listening to movies as i drift. 
weird movies on cable that somehow enter my cold medicine dreams.
but today i feel a bit stronger.
tomorrow i promise to post properly.
p.s. this pj top will turn into a dress in a future outfit post.


  1. I really love these two shots. very well edited. i really hope you are feeling better....xo.

  2. Feel better!

    I can't wait to see the pajama top transform into a dress!


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