hat- army surplus
   sunnies- Top Shop Unique
   feather clip- thrifted
   necklace- girft from brother
   leather jacket- Zara
   cut out flannel- LF
   lace shorts- thrifted
   sheer/opaque tights- UO
   thigh hi socks- Contempo Casuals(totally stretched out & old)
   boots- Dolce Vita
   backpack- Alexander Wang
   foxtail- Slow on melrose

outfit post a day late...
yesterday sam and i went downtown to buy fabric for our outdoor lamp project.
by the time we got home he had officially caught my illness!
luckilly his was a slightly milder version of what i had.
after fabric shopping i still had enough energy to garden before my audition.
i planted basil, carrots, radishes, arugula, lettuce, cilantro and mint!  
i am so excited to watch them grow and then to finally eat them.  i will post photos of the garden boxes and the outdoor lamps in a few days. 
now it's time to work on the garden!


  1. This whole lumberjack shirt with cutouts look is really starting to grow on me--it's seriously cute. This is the first time I saw one with the back cut out. Before I'd only seen the ones with cutout shoulders.

  2. Ugghhh can I raid your wardrobe....the top is super sick. How come I am just finding your blog? Its a true hidden gem. Also, what camera are you using for your photos?

  3. Those are just great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. There are still more to learn about Fashion. Thank you!

    Luxform Tuinverlichting & Buitenverlichting


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