slutty from the waist down

headband- made by my mom
necklaces- vintage
leather earring- UO
black ring- Target
striped layering top- UO
sheer dress- thrifted
sheer floral jacket- thrifted
faux fur and leather jacket- thrifted
boots- Jeffrey Campbell Litas(i changed the laces)

so what.
while getting dressed i had concern over the sheerness of this dress.
is this okay? i thought.
and then i was like, come on, you gotta go. you are going to be late for dinner.  
in some lighting situations it's kosher.
in others it's like a beacon (to my see-you-en-tea
i'm fine with it.


  1. wow girl. This is awesome!

    I love your LITA.

    Can't wait more posts like this

  2. You're brave and it totally works!
    I love the boots too :) xoxo

  3. i am fine with it also-Paul


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