coachella day 2 (i lost myself)


photos:sam stefanski,bek anderson(ny magazine),askarsgard.combrooklyn vegan,me, emily ulmer

i'm wearing
sunnies- Target
headpiece- little shop in little tokyo
earring- UO
tee- vintage
necklace 1- vintage
necklace 2- d.i.y crystals from flower mart la
necklace 3- old
bikini- Target
sheer vest- old from my teens
cut offs- One Teaspoon
backpack- Alexander Wang
platforms- Forever 21

day 2 was full.  
we slept in. 
when we finally did wake up, we did so with a strong urge to eat. so we strolled over to king's highway and had chilaquiles, poblano & cheddar grits and ricotta hot cakes.  
despite the high volume of patrons, the diner quality  was surprisingly bomb.
we hung out at the ace for a swim and ball throw and then headed to skyy coconut escape at the renaissance esmeralda resort for party time. 
there were some pretty people in pretty things so i snapped a few.
vampire eric even made an appearance.
when the party ended we headed to the show.  
it was a clusterfuck getting in.
  we made it in just as the shins started.
they sounded good but i never was a huge fan.
but feist, i was looking forward to.
we found our friends and then got weird.
leslie feist puts on a show...
she was... rowdy.
and dressed in tie dye and bling- must copy.
did i mention how she was beyond sweaty and rowdy?
she filled her stage with an orchestra hell bent on slaying the crowd.
they did, they did.
her manson family back up singers sang and danced like ethereal banshees.

bon iver was quite pretty sounding.
but my husband reminded me of the saturday night live sketch in which justin timberlake plays vernon and stops by beyonce and jay z's residence to sing to their baby.
beyonce(maya rudolph) says, 
"but bon iver, we were just about to put our baby to sleep"
his retort: "trust me, this'll help"
for "some" reason we decided to ruin our friends time by reminding them of the sketch.
we proceeded to sit there 70% totally in awe of the beauty of the sound and 30% laughing our asses off.
and then...
kid a
house of cards
and so many more.
thom yorke is a workaholic and i love him so.
jam sessions = dance sessions= fuckyesdontstop.
oh radiohead.
i quite enjoyed the song, karma police.
the crowd, chorused like mad.
thom was thrilled.
the jackal behind us took to entertaining between songs with shouting concert riddles like:
"has anyone seen my face?"
"it's literally missing!"
i would have normally been annoyed 
but the shit was true.


  1. Get out! Karma Police is one of my favorite songs EVER! Glad you had fun and looked fierce as usual. Take care chica!

  2. You look amazing- I love everything you are wearing!

  3. Love these looks, and so glad you guys had a good time.

  4. So pretty! Everyone and everything looks amazzzzzzzzzzing.

    PS. We’ve a $75 Giveaway to PLNDR on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  5. amazing pictures, your look is hot!


  6. gorgeous! totally wow! following you now ;)

  7. cool and sexy

    love ur crop top


  8. FANTASTIC!! love the photos!! xxo -nb


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