coachella day 1 (i will prevail)

headband- made by my mom
necklace 1- Annie Costello Brown
necklace 2- vintage Boy London
tee- vintage from Squaresville
crochet tunic- vintage
backpack- Alexander Wang
trainers- Asics

friday was the first day of the 2nd weekend of coachella.  
we arrived in palm springs and checked into the ace hotel.
we ate a snack, hydrated and headed to the festivities. 
we arrived a little into arctic monkeys.  
i wasn't really feeling the sound so we trekked over to madness.  
they sounded good but i  could have gone without the banter.
a bit wonky...what what?
so we left to go back to the coachella stage to see what we really fucking came for.
jarvis did not disappoint.
i danced and sang/shouted along as i watched mr. cocker's hips sway and grind. 
charming, he is.
they played one hell of a set list.
and then there was mazzy star.
hope sandavol has been the object of my melancholy affection for quite some time.  
like...i used to make intricate hemp jewelry whilst listening to her sweet voice.
like when i was 17 i used to seduce long haired, skinny, teenage boys to ghost highway.
like when i first saw her perform in chicago at the metro i would have gotten a sex change for a chance to get inside her guts.
so you can imagine my heartbreak when i watched her sing abjectly and a bit tinny as her band clad in mediocrity played like sleepwalkers.
like she didn't even plan her stage lighting.
so we bolted over to the rapture.
of course they were good.
and then atari teenage riot started their thing.
also very good. 
nostalgia and stuff.
the black keys sounded pretty fucking lovely.
i must admit, i find them just okay in my daily life when i listen in my car, but their live sound is something else.
explosions in the sky was... fine
most memorable?


  1. Love the knit dress! So luck you got to go to Coachella


  2. Love your outfit! Sounds like you had a awesome time at Coachella.. jealous!!

    Check out the giveaway on my blog!

  3. My husband loves Mazzy Star though I admit I never really got into her stuff. But yes she does have a nice voice. Great pics, especially the ones that look like they came from an old camera.

  4. You're so lucky to have been to Coachella ! Hope I could go there one day ! :D
    Beautiful, I love the vintage effect to your pictures



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