sunnies- Target
          necklaces- Ria Charisse and vintage
          top- Forever 21
          cut offs- One Teaspoon
          tights- UO
          90s mary janes- Beach House thrifted in austin
          bag- Jeanne Bernard antiqued

we stopped at the train tracks for some pictures.  
we have been meaning to shoot here for a while.  
this was totally impromptu as you can tell by my casual attire.  
and yes, we do keep parasols in our pick up truck for occasions like this.  
in the last shot i am on top of the train.  
sam wanted me to stand on precarious parts of the train to shoot a different perspective.  
i kept it simple and safe while thinking irrational thoughts of the train's sudden forward motion.


not so matchy

flower hair adornment- Target
crystal clusterfuck- individuals bought at the la flower mart
tank and backpack- UO
cardigan- LF
skirt- vintage from Squaresville
creeper boots- A Wang

photos by yudi ela

i worked in the garden and then met my friend, yudi for tea.  
i was in a very casual mood so i threw on comfort clothes.  
long skirts are just so easy and feel right, no?  
i was really excited to find this affordable flower headband at Target. but they are so tiny they tend to disappear in this hair of mine.  
i think a DIY massive flower hair piece project is in order...


the white stuff

    bracelets- Cost Plus, Olvera vendors, travel...
    pearly tie- antiqued
    ring- old from garage sale
    faux and not so faux bag- made by my mum
    cropped cotton cable knit- Forever 21
    lace slip- Only Hearts
    lace bells- UO
    boots- Jeffrey Campbell cosmic litas via LF

i wear this "tie" once a year.  
i feel like a total geek in it and i like it.  
unless i'm wearing a tee, once i start putting on anything white i end up head to toe in all white.  
it must be because the only time i ever get dirt or tea on my white articles of clothing is if i'm wearing that one stark white precious pair of denim skinnies or the soft flowy white silk blouse- ruined!
i will never grow tired of my cosmic litas. 
next on my list of boots... 
the amazing and badass hellbounds by unif. 
rock my world.


sweet as gold

photo 1 and photo 3 from alexandra bertone's pinterest

i finally did it.  
i succumbed to pastel. 
 i went to my dear tara at tease salon.  
we used manic panic cotton candy. 
after i left the salon i went to whole foods for a green juice.
as i was leaving three young girls were raising awareness for planned parenthood.
i gave them some money because planned parenthood is bomb ass 
 and mitt romney and rick santorum can probe each others vags till kingdom come
and then i went home and got really excited when i looked in the mirror.
i can't wait to pick out my fro to see it in all its cotton candy glory.


favorite tee


   necklace, belt, bell bracelet- vintage
   ring- House of Harlow
   cluster spike rings- Marc By Marc jacobs
   cropped tee- Black Crane via Mohawk General Store
   shorts- LF
   thigh hi socks- Victoria's Secret
   hidden wedge hikers- BDG UO



                     braided hair ribbon- UO
                     cardigan- Le Sweater(vintage)
                     necklace- vintage
                     crochet top- thrifted
                     silk slip- Forever 21
                     faux leather leggings- Silence and Noise(UO)
                     boots- Jeffrey Campbell studded tardy via LF


back in pink

knit- Top Shop
bunny headband- UO
necklace- vintage
leggings- Target
boots- Docs

one day in the spring when i was nine my mom and i began a stroll to a typical chicago neighborhood festival.  she was wearing a pink matching cotton pant and blouse set.  after we crossed the street a group of older boys(probably 13 or 14) began walking behind us.  they were a cacophony of combat boots, harem pants, ripped tees,  patched denim vests, dog tags, suspenders, mohawks, dyed black hair and eyeliner.  
yum, i thought. 
or maybe i just wanted to be them. 
regardless, being there, in public, with my mom, while cute stylish punks stomped behind us...
 was super embarrassing.
 i longed to be in any outfit but the gitano eva joia ensemble i chose that day.
the boy with the dyed black hair came up really tight on us and shouted, 
"i hate the color pink!"
my mom,(barely 5 ft tall)spun around and shouted back,
(much to my horror) 
"i hate the color black!" 
they ran off 
and i stood there, on belmont and clark, stunned.


3.1 phillip lim x refinery 29

i'm wearing:dress & denim jacket- vintage
necklace- Christian Dior
bag- Alexander Wang
boots- Acne

my beautiful chum, nathan(the quiet color) and i hit up the 3.1 phillip lim x refinery 29 party for a little people watching, window shopping and shit talking.  we indulged in pressed juicery cocktails and mini decadent deserts while picking out our favorite pieces. lovely bloggers late afternoon and sincerely jules hosted the event. it was a fun evening followed by a late night thai dinner.


the crunge


  hat- vintage from Slow on melrose
  wool coat- thrifted
  necklaces- vintage
  bag- Coach
  denim shirt- Ellison
  high low sweater- Furst Of A Kind (LF)
  belt- YSL
  bleached distressed skinnies- Tripp 
  boots- Robert Wayne(thrifted)


slutty from the waist down

headband- made by my mom
necklaces- vintage
leather earring- UO
black ring- Target
striped layering top- UO
sheer dress- thrifted
sheer floral jacket- thrifted
faux fur and leather jacket- thrifted
boots- Jeffrey Campbell Litas(i changed the laces)

so what.
while getting dressed i had concern over the sheerness of this dress.
is this okay? i thought.
and then i was like, come on, you gotta go. you are going to be late for dinner.  
in some lighting situations it's kosher.
in others it's like a beacon (to my see-you-en-tea
i'm fine with it.




   hat- army surplus
   sunnies- Top Shop Unique
   feather clip- thrifted
   necklace- girft from brother
   leather jacket- Zara
   cut out flannel- LF
   lace shorts- thrifted
   sheer/opaque tights- UO
   thigh hi socks- Contempo Casuals(totally stretched out & old)
   boots- Dolce Vita
   backpack- Alexander Wang
   foxtail- Slow on melrose

outfit post a day late...
yesterday sam and i went downtown to buy fabric for our outdoor lamp project.
by the time we got home he had officially caught my illness!
luckilly his was a slightly milder version of what i had.
after fabric shopping i still had enough energy to garden before my audition.
i planted basil, carrots, radishes, arugula, lettuce, cilantro and mint!  
i am so excited to watch them grow and then to finally eat them.  i will post photos of the garden boxes and the outdoor lamps in a few days. 
now it's time to work on the garden!


sick days


               pajama chemise- Natori
               glasses- Ray-Ban wayfarer

i have neglected my duties as a blogger. 
yes indeed. 
i had an especially long and gruelling job that i ended up   catching a terrible cold on.  
i have been living in my natori pj chemise and my glasses.
my sinus headaches have been epic so i haven't been able to resort to inspiration posts. 
so, yeah...
boring days of sleep and listening to movies as i drift. 
weird movies on cable that somehow enter my cold medicine dreams.
but today i feel a bit stronger.
tomorrow i promise to post properly.
p.s. this pj top will turn into a dress in a future outfit post.


we deliver

tassel earring- UO
harness- Top Shop
tank- old from corey
fur cardigan- Alberto Makali
pink slip- thrifted
patent leather envelope bag- Marc By Marc Jacobs
boots- Jeffrey Campbell

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